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Gabish Khanal


Mr. Khanal is a CEO who leads with dedication, shaping success in all endeavors.


Kavi Raj Bhatta


Mr. Bhatta is a dedicated project manager, known for his hard work, and leading teams to success with determination.


Durgesh Upadhyaya

Project Manager/Senior Laravel Developer

Mr. Upadhyaya is a dedicated Senior Laravel Developer and Professional Crafting Exceptional Web Solutions.


Basant Devkota

Node/ React Developer

 Mr. Devkota is a talented Node/React Developer, fueled by passion, dedication, and continuous learning for excellence.


Sabina Karki

Finance Head

Ms. Karki is Finance Head, a dedicated professional ensuring financial success with expertise and commitment.

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Rabin Shrestha

Senior Creative Designer

Mr. Shrestha is a senior creative designer, crafts visually stunning concepts that captivate and inspire audiences.


Utsav Shakya

SEO Expert

Mr. Shakya is an SEO Specialist with great skill in ranking on Search engines.

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Bishan Thapa

Senior Frontend Developer

Mr. Thapa is senior frontend developer with a passion for making seamless user experiences and innovation.

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Bibek Gurung

Frontend Developer

Mr. Gurung is a talented frontend developer crafting seamless web experiences with creativity and precision. 


Sunita Lamsal

Content Creator

Ms. Lamsal is a exceptional content writer with precision and creativity, crafting impactful narratives effortlessly.

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Prameshwor Dharel

Branch Manager - Chitwan

Mr. Prameshwor handles all the sales of Chitwan Branch where as he looks over the administrative part too.

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Upama Lamsal

Account Incharge

Ms. Lamsal is very energetic and hard working lady who believe on destiny.

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Muna Singh Thakuri

Graphic Designer - Chitwan

Muna is a leading graphical creator who believe on hard work and quick learner.


Anisha Mishra

UI/UX / Graphic Designer - Chitwan

Ms. Mishra is a creative creator who have an ability to convert imagination to reality.

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Lanisha Koirala

Jr. Frontend Developer - Chitwan

Ms. Koirala is expert on turning the imagination into reality, she is an amazing frontend developer.

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Puja Dawadi

Jr. Graphic Designer - Chitwan

Ms, Dawadi being an IT student she has given full effort on creating graphical content.


Suchana Karki

Content Writer

Suchana delivers the work on time with the full dedication and hard work.


Suraj Bhatt


Mr. Bhatt designs things that are creative and innovative, making experiences uniquely enjoyable and functional.