Important points to remember while making question in Ms. Form

Dear Teachers,

Hope all of you are preparing for the upcoming First Unit Test – 2078. Here are some of the important points which you should take care of while making questions in Microsoft Forms.

1. In the title of the Question please use class, Subject at first (Eg. Class 1 | Maths) then you can use school name or anything else.

As you will have many other subject question it will make your easier to identify the appropriate question you are looking for while sending to the student.

2. Do not use section while making questions, if you use this then it will ask the student to click next where you added the section this may create confusion for the student.

3. Always turn off the “Show result automatically” toggle. This will disable students to view their results after they submit their answers.

4. Do not check the button “Anyone can respond” if you check this you cannot record the name of the student hence you cannot collect the result.

Always check “Only people in my organization can respond” and always check “Record Name” and “One response per person”

5. Do not set start date/time and End Date/time. Check on Accept response.

As Start/End Date work on user device date and time, it may vary with each other.

Also, you can check the “Get email notification of each response” this is optional you can check if you wish to.

Once you finish typing questions and set all these settings then you are now all set. Now let’s discuss how to send it to students.

1. Once you finish making the form go to Microsoft Teams.

2. Click on Assignments

3. Click on Create >> Then Click the quiz

4. Select the Class (For Class UKG – Class 2) / Select Subject (For Class 3 – Class 10)

5. You will see the forms you created!! Click on the forms which you like to send.

6. This step needs to be done by the teachers who teach from Class UKG to Class 2

Click on EDIT, you can find this behind “Post assignment notifications to this channel: General”

Then Select the subject click “Done”

Teachers above class 3 can directly post on “General” so jump to step 7.

7. Click Assign!!

Now it’s all done they will get the assignment you send!!!

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