Microsoft Teams is down and experiencing an outage worldwide for many users and are blocking connectivity for lots of Microsoft Teams users across Europe and Asia. Microsoft is aware of the issues and is currently investigating the route cause.

“We’ve confirmed that this issue affects users globally,” says Microsoft’s 365 status account on Twitter. “We’re reviewing monitoring telemetry and recent changes to isolate the source of the issue.”

Some Microsoft Teams users are reporting 401 error codes when attempting to access the service via the web, while others appear to see Teams and channels but are unable to send messages. Others may still be logged into the service, but Microsoft warns they “may experience degraded performance with multiple features” and that “any user could be affected by this issue.”

This is the second Microsoft Teams outage this month, following issues with the service at the beginning of April. Microsoft also experienced Teams problems for more than four hours last month, after an authentication change knocked out access to the communications app. Azure Active Directory also experienced issues as part of last month’s outage, alongside Office web apps, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and other Microsoft services.

It appears Microsoft’s service issues are limited to Teams this morning, with no other signs of Azure, Xbox Live, Office, or other services experiencing issues.

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